Board Of Directors

Group CEO Message

The year was not without its challenges as global factors made an impact on our economy. Closer to home, we faced ongoing issues of home affordability underlined by financing eligibility faced by the younger purchasing segment. Regardless of these factors, we continued our focus on efforts to maintain our profitability and long-term sustainable growth through our sound adherence to our strategy.

As a property player with core businesses in property development, as well as property investment and property management, EcoFirst has strengthened our position as a premier and progressive property developer, creating value for stakeholders, and maintaining dynamic and agile standards to deliver superior results professionally and ethically.

We have been delivering on our rejuvenated and transformed business model for close to a decade now, and it could not have been done without our dedicated team of management and staff, with the guidance of a seasoned Board of Directors. Together, we strive to provide exceptional value to our customers through high-quality and well-designed residential and commercial developments.