Corporate Social Responsibility

As a conscientious developer, we are very mindful of the impact and influence as a business to our community. We believe in being a property developer with a social conscience, as well as an employer who values its people.

Social integration and giving back to the community are values that EcoFirst believes in and are committed to implementing. With regards to our South City Plaza shopping mall, we use the space as a means to build community engagement and foster social interaction through activities.

We offer our space for a wide range of activities. For charity events dealing with the community, we offered the space for free. For the year in review, we conducted a blood drive together with Pusat Darah Negara (National Blood Bank). The blood drive was intended to help replenish the national blood bank as well as act as an awareness programme on the important work they do in saving lives with the blood donated. We were heartened to see many people from the community step forward to donate blood to this life-saving initiative.